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Antonio Fiorente - photographer
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Travel Photography

We have a large Image Bank containing ReportageReportageReportageReportageReportageReportageReportageReportageReportageReportageReportageReportageReportageReportageReportageReportage and DocumentaryDocumentaryDocumentaryDocumentaryDocumentaryDocumentaryDocumentaryDocumentaryDocumentaryDocumentaryDocumentaryDocumentaryDocumentaryDocumentaryDocumentaryDocumentaryDocumentaryDocumentaryDocumentaryDocumentaryDocumentary photographs taken whilst travelling in Ethiopia and Europe. If we do not already have images to suit your requirements, we accept assignments to capture specifically what you need.

Documentary photography is the art of depicting the real world - with the intent of making a comment that can be understood by the viewer.

We are especially interested in traveling throughout rural Ethiopia as we feel it is important to capture the existing way of life in this time of change.

Reportage photography aims to present a narrative from a specific time and place in an fair and unbiased way. The aim is to support journalistic articles in telling the story accurately.

Please contact us for more information, or for a quote.

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